Healthy Coffee Cafe - A Complete Retail Solution

Imagine going into your nearest local high volume coffee shop and sitting at a table near the cash register. You watch the customers place their orders as they go about their morning and afternoon routine and imagine what it would be like if you we're able to get a small profit from every product sold throughout the day. Day in and day out all year long? ...Now fast forward to the Healthy Coffee Cafe’s. With our new concept you could truly be overriding the stores either you or a member from your commissionable organization had referred. Imagine having 5, 10, 20 or maybe even 50 Healthy Coffee Cafe's within your organization? How would your life change?

Even better. What if you opened your own Healthy Coffee Café? From the Ambiance of the walk in atmosphere your customers will enjoy to the income generating power of the drive thru window traffic. With Healthy Coffee you have many windows of opportunity before you.

Three Key Ingredients Make Healthy Coffee Your Best Choice

By combining Direct Sales - Vending Machines, and Healthy Coffee Cafe' Franchises and Kiosks - Healthy Coffee takes your business to a whole new level.

Launching new Franchises this summer. Open your own Healthy Coffee Cafe' or Kiosk* and profit for life. With a wide variety of tantalizing products to sell, your Cafe' or Kiosk will maximize customer value and ensure repeat business. Give yourself and your loved ones a “True once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!” This is what true Entrepreneurship is all about. Live your dream... Not someone else's!

*Contact your sponsor or our home office for complete details on location availabilities.

There will also be "Area Director" territories made available for those whowant to help other Franchisees open their Café’s within your Area Director Territory.