Convenience at Your Fingertips!

Imagine the power of generating revenue for yourself and from your organization through taking part in the billion Dollar Vending Industry.

We are proud to introduce to the global market…The latest European design of the mini coffee machine which is mini-sized, micro controlled, and can be used conveniently.

The auto vending coffee machine that is most suitable for both family and office use.


  • Drinks Supply: three kinds of coffee or other drinks and drinking water.
  • The Capacity of Raw Material Bucket three buckets: the max capacity is 2800g and the mini capacity id 1600g
  • Water Supply: Inner water bucket of 4.6L and placing purified water tank of 18.9L outside.
  • Cups Supply: hold 80 pieces of paper cups and use your own cups
  • Coin System: recognizer for special coin (or digital recognizer for many kinds of coins)
  • Taste Adjustment: adjust the taste outside according to your personal flavor.
  • Sales Calculation: digital calculator system that could calculate the sales quantity of the two drinks automatically and separately.
Patent Design and Mixers
The former coffee machine had mixed incompletely, but the new design solves this problem throughly and makes many bubbles, which gives you better taste.
Using the Purified Water Tank of 18.9L
Placing the purified water tank 18.9L (9 gallons) on the top of the machine to avoid feeding the water frequently.
Large Capacity
You can use the raw material buckets of different sizes whose the max capacity is 2800g to avoid the bother of feeding material frequently.
The System of Recognizer of Many Countrie's Coin
This machine is adopted the recognizer of special coin or more sensitive recognizer depending on the customer's demand. This system could recognize the coins of different sizes which satisfied the markets demand in different sizes which satisfied the markets demand in different countries or districts
Sales Calculation/Setting the Unit Price
The system of micro control can set each drink's unit price separately, and alculate each sales quantity automatically.
The Design Makes The Cleaning Easier Because it is Easy to Dismantle
The mixers and the connecting pipe of fan are easy to dismantle
The Choices of Automatic Cup Falls and using Your Own Cups
You can choose to use standard paper cups or your own cups, which is convenience and environ mental protection. The capacity of paper cups holder is eighty cups.
Adjust the Taste Freely
you can adjust the taste freely according to your flavor
Fashion Design and Easy Operation
Adopting the latest science and technology and with European style. Micro control made use easy. The display of LED mode helps to know the situation of the machine and use it conveniently.