With Healthy Coffee Global, there are at least 8 benefits that separate us from the pack, helping make your choice to step into success a true business decision; not to mention we have some of the healthiest coffee on the planet.

Opportunity for ALL

Healthy Coffee has created an opportunity for people to earn money selling something that is already being consumed by the largest number of consumers in the world.

Less Effort than Before

Because of the representatives who place machines and/or coffee Kiosks and Healthy coffee Café’s, the volume that can be generated from a small number of locations completely out does the efforts of one representative any day creating excitement and potentially more profit up the line with less effort than ever before!

Multi-Level Compensation Plan

Healthy Coffee’s compensation plan favors ALL levels of distributors, from the part timer to the full timer, all the way to the elite builder unlike any other compensation plan out there.

Easy Earnings in one GO

The real opportunity for any representative to make a living their first month in business by placing machines and earning the retail profits from people doing exactly what they will do anyway, buying and drinking coffee in their place of business, to convenient stores, to an array of locations that already have a proven model for our machines to be placed.

Earn More on Sales!

You can earn money from traditional sales, unlike any other direct sales company to date, by:

• Healthy Coffee home size coffee makers w/ coffee
• Vending machines w/ coffee
• Dispensers w/ coffee
• Kiosks and Healthy Coffee Café’s w/ coffee
• To building traditional teams.

Because Healthy Coffee representatives can place machines selling a larger volume of products, this volume still goes up the line for everyone in the chain to benefit, starting with the person placing the machines.

Easy Competition

There is no competition in this space to date.

Exciting Freebies

A true passive income that goes beyond just creating single customers like most other Direct Sales Companies. (The words True Passive volume generating income based on the comp plan) Instead, we offer several ways to create customers focusing on corporate offices with employees, as well as family and friends, giving Healthy Coffee home size coffee makers for free in exchange for purchasing our k cups filled with great tasting healthy coffee at market price. This also includes our Healthy Coffee Vending machines and dispensers, not to mention Coffee Kiosks and Healthy Coffee Café’s.

Step Ahead

You have first mover advantage to find locations and build a team that understands the power of all of our opportunities.