Healthy Coffee® Offers Members a Better Lifestyle!

Imagine what it would be like driving a new Mercedes or a Luxury car of your choice - on us! Our goal at Healthy Coffee is to help make life more enjoyable for our members.

Our Multi-Plex Compensation Plan offers two Car and Lifestyle allowances. At "Double Diamond Executive" you can earn a $600.00 monthly car allowance and At "Black Diamond" this bonus goes up to $5,000.00 monthly! (Payable at $1,200.00 weekly.)

The Black Diamond Car and Lifestyle bonus alone is valued at more than $60,000.00 when annualized. These bonuses are over and above normal commissions paid through our pay plan.

Imagine what kind of luxury car you could be driving with this exciting bonus!

You could be riding around town in your very own Mercedes, Porsche, even a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls or Bentley. The sky’s the limit with the Healthy Coffee car and lifestyle bonus plan.

Mr. Gill Somers

C63 - AMG

Mr. Somers took delivery of his brand new C63 - AMG, the first in Australia!

Mr. Bob Gaskell

Mr. Alfredo Garcia

Black Mercedes S500

Paramount, CA

Mr. Nager Ornopia

White Mercedes C350



Silver Mercedes GLK350



Silver Mercedes R350

Glendale, CA